Machine learning based image processing specialist


Enumnet has been established the year 2014 as a start-up of digital image processing and mobile software development.
We will be making good-working, easy-to-use software and useful services that consumer want
Our team is one of K-Global 300 certified by Korea government.
We have eight members. and all member are majored in computer and software engineering.


Today we see thousands images on mobile, TV & internet everyday.
Have you ever thought how those many images are made up?
The first is image-segmentation. It's most important work and start point. Clipping images are used for online shopping, AI, and various services.
But image-segmentation is not simple work, it needs much time, SW-tools and human labors.

Enumcut support background removal and object extraction on image easily and quickly for online shopping, machine learning and AI companies.
You don't need photoshop skills any longer. With Enumcut, a few clicks away are enough.
Save time, Save your money!



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